Ministerial meetings

The summit meeting of the heads of state and government is considered the highlight of every G7 Presidency. But there is much more to the G7 process – it is a year-round work process with different actors contributing their expertise and actively shaping the agenda. G7 government ministers have a key role to play here, meeting at various levels during the course of the year.

Under the German Presidency in 2022, ministers of the G7 states responsible for foreign affairs, labour, health, environment, digital matters and other specialist areas will again meet to discuss their issues.

At these meetings, joint positions are agreed on with regard to priorities of the G7 agenda and set down in a declaration relevant to a specific portfolio. Key aspects of these ministerial declarations are then incorporated in the final document which is signed by the heads of state and government at the G7 Summit.

Throughout the Presidency year, ministry representatives are also involved in working level dialogue. They attend thematic working groups to prepare for the respective ministerial meetings.